Laurie Slater
Living in Guilford since 1981, Laurie is married and raised her children here. She discovered the massage world while trying to find out how to do healing and injury prevention. Her husband and son are very active in sports and from time to time needed to take time off to heal and rehabilitate. Laurie found out that certain massage techniques could facilitate their healing time while preventing further injuries. With that incentive, she enrolled at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy(CCMT), graduated in 2001 and opened up Therapeutic & Sports Techniques, LLC.
Since that time, she’s taken courses that will blend in with the therapeutic techniques. Sessions can be for an all over body wellness, but many are spot specific for certain injuries, or after surgery. Our office works with many doctors and physical therapy offices to help their patients during rehabilitation and recovery. Laurie is certified in Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial Bodywork and Personal Training. She’s also a Reiki Master Practitioner and does Craniosacral work at the 2nd level. She uses the personal training for knowledge of clients’ imbalances or weaknesses to help them with exercises and stretches after an injury. All of these modalities are used daily since each client presents their own needs and wants. Sessions run from 15 minutes to 90.
Laurie taught for 9 years at CCMT, teaching ┬áthe intermediate and advanced hands-on classes including the sports, injury and orthopedic work. When she’s not massaging, she’s out with her husband, kids, grandchildren or dog.

2489 Boston Post Rd., Unit F at Butternut Hill

Guilford, CT 06437 203-458-0522
American Massage Therapy Association Professional Member

AMTA Professional Member